Sunday, November 22, 2009

Before the Lenten season 2009, I have been in deep meditation about what Jesus wanted from my life. Just like the Father had a plan for his beloved Son, I strongly believed that he knew where I was meant to be.

As I prayed, I envisioned three images. They were of a bear paddy field ploughed after a yield of crop, the second image of the same paddy field bearing a ripe harvest, finally a thick aimless jungle.
I tried to understand the connection of these three images but I patiently prayed for I knew Jesus led me.

Archbishop emeritus Rev. Dr. Oswald Gomis, when appointing me to the parish of Middellawita wanted me to conduct a prayer service to enkindle the faith of the people around this area. I got to know about my new parishes Yakkaduwa, Niwandama, Midellawita. My first visit has been a beautiful experience. It seemed surreal to me. I felt like I had known and been to this place long before. Finally two of the three images came to my mind.

The first stop was at St Helena's Yakkaduwa. Beside the church, towards the right was a thick jungle. I remembered my last image, God's message was now clearer to me. Immediately, I walked towards the jungle and saw the statues of the Way of the Cross. I told the group who accompanied me, that the Kurusa Yagaya Service would be conducted at that very same place. Some laughed at me for it seemed impossible to imagine having the service on a steep hill.

On the 19th of February 2009, I arrived at my new Parish. Laying the Foundation on the 24th of July 2009. I didn't hold a plan, no estimation, and no cash in hand. The Architect of this beautiful creation is the Holy Spirit, who guided me along the way.

Meanwhile, a temporary stage was built and services commenced on Ash Wednesday. Yakkaduwa is blessed with a calm meditative atmosphere, and the significance of St Helena, who is traditionally credited with finding the relics of the Holy Cross of Jesus, inspired me to change the name of the service to Kurusa Dahana. It is the loving embrace of Jesus that we feel at peace.

"From the evangelism to the embrace of God
From the embrace to the healing"

Kurusa Dahana is the place where the people of God get the spiritual, physical and mental nourishment from the Holy Eucharist and the word of God (Sunday Gospel)
The official opening ceremony of the Kurusa Dahana Repository was held on the 20th November 2009 by the most Rev. Dr. Marius Peiris, Auxiliary Bishop of Colombo. Kurusa Dahana is conducted every Friday from 7pm to 8pm at St Helena's Yakkaduwa, Ja-ela. Tune into 101.5 Seth FM every Saturday to listen to the repeat broadcast.